Split System Air Conditioning

Split system air conditioners are designed effectively cool rooms of all sizes dependant on the size of the unit installed. Most split systems also tend to be more energy efficient than many comparable portable or window air conditioners.

Most split system air conditioners include a reverse cycle setting to keep you warm in winter as well as cool in summer, which means that a split system air conditioner is a good investment for any time of the year. Split systems also tend to run more quietly than other types of air conditioner, and often include air purifying and dehumidifying features to further improve your household’s air quality.

For added convenience, most split systems come with a remote control. This allows you to set the temperature as well as timer and sleep modes (where available) from the comfort of your bed!

With half of a split system air conditioner installed outside the home, and the other half wall-mounted indoors, this type of air conditioner can be integrated into the design of your home. 

Split system air conditioners need to be installed by a fully licensed electrician who also holds the necessary plumbing licenses. Feature Electrical is 100% compliant - call or email us for a quote today!